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New 2023 Can-Am Ryker and Spyder for Sale for sale in Ottawa

2023 Buy a new 3-Wheel Motorcycle Can-Am Ryker And
Can-Am Spyder

Come see us at Loiselle Sports in Embrun or Gatineau and choose any ultra-customizable Can-Am Ryker model or the very comfortable Can-Am Spyder, and customize it to your liking with your specifications and accessories that you like.

2023 Can-Am Ryker

The Can-Am Ryker is all about accessibility, fun times and exploring new playgrounds. Where will you play first?


2023 Can-Am Spyder F3

Bold, muscular design. The Can-Am Spyder F3 will push the limits of performance, while the relaxed seating position will have you always looking for more.

Spyder F3

2023 Can-Am Spyder RT

With a modern look, heightened comfort, and extra storage, the Spyder RT isn’t just the key to unlocking what the open road has to offer, it’s the pinnacle of luxury touring.

Spyder RT